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Stepping Stones: Becoming a Sister

Stepping Stones: Becoming a Sister

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If it seems that you are being guided by God to live out your Christian life within our religious community, your first step is to get to know us by visiting as a guest and talking with the Sisters and the Novice Guardian. If this feels comfortable then a period of living alongside the Sisters as an Aspirant, in the day-to-day life of the Community is encouraged.

After visiting and waiting on God in prayer, you may feel the time is right to continue your journey by being admitted to the Community as a Postulant. Those who are accepted will normally be between the ages of 21 and 55. Postulants live as part of the Novitiate, before making the simple promises of a Novice. At this point a postulant receives the habit at what is known as a Clothing Ceremony.

The time spent in the Novitiate allows you to experience different aspects of community life under the guidance of the Novice guardian. This will include some time spent in one of our branch houses, ongoing study and an exploration of your calling.

If this life continues to feel right for you, the next step is admittance to First vows. This is done by the agreement of Community Chapter, and the vows are made during a special Eucharist, set for this purpose.

Through the continuing experience of living under vows as a Sister, you may grow in the conviction that God is calling you to life commitment in this way. If this is the case, again with the acceptance of the Community Chapter the way is opened to Life Profession. As with First Vows, the ceremony of Life Profession occurs in a special Eucharist set for this purpose.

Before and beyond Life Profession, we seek constantly to expand and deepen our relationship with God and to our neighbour, to grow in obedience to his Son, Jesus, and to listen to the continuing guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Historically, the Habit was similar to the clothing of the poor, and even today expresses a simplicity of lifestyle. With changing times and customs, not all Communities wear the traditional habit. At present our decision is to retain it.

Our Rule reminds us that the habit helps to point beyond ourselves to God. In fact, many Sisters are approached by strangers asking for prayer or help because the habit makes them recognisable. Also, there are times when we may relax in ordinary clothes, and can relate to people in a different way.

The Vows

The vows are our way of responding to God’s love and to Christ’s call in our lives.