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Hospitality at the Guest Cottage

Guest Cottage
Day Guests

Inside the cottageGuest Cottage

The guest cottage has had some refurbishing during 2010. There are new beds, double glazing, new lights and a new staircase so guests do not have to be so athletic getting upstairs!

Guests come for all sorts of reasons; sometimes alone, sometimes to share time with a friend or sometimes as part of a small group.
This is a place to come for rest, a retreat, to make decisions, study, regain strength for difficult life situations, or to join in the Community’s worship.

Inside the cottageYou can enjoy relaxing in the garden and making use of the library, getting assistance for your prayer life and faith journey, or just sleep and find peace and quiet away from the stresses of daily life.

The suggested donation for 24 hours full board from April 2014 is £35.00.

For all enquiries or bookings please contact the Guest Sister.
Telephone: 01332 670 483, or
write to the ‘The Guest Sister’ at the Convent by email or letter.
(Please note the Convent is closed on Mondays).

Full address details
Facilities Leaflet (PDF)


Day Guest RoomDay Guests

At the Convent, we have rooms available for a day or part of a day. Rooms can be booked by individuals or groups wanting space for prayer, study, reading or just ‘being’.

Please note, the Convent is closed Mondays.

Individuals – to book a room:
please call the Convent on 01332 671 716
or email/write to the Bursar’s Office marking correspondence
‘Quiet Day’.

The suggested donation for a Quiet Day from April 2014 is £7.50 (10.00am – 4.00pm)
We are not able to offer lunch at present.

Groups – If you have a group of 10 or more people wishing to book a room please write to the
Assistant Provincial at the Convent.

A group booking will only be confirmed when the Assistant has received the booking request letter.
The suggested donation for groups from April 2014 is £6.00 per person (this includes coffee, tea, during the day).

The maximum number we can accommodate in a group is 25.

Full address details
Facilities Leaflet (PDF)



There are many and varied reasons for people to live alongside. Some of you may want to take time out from your busy life, or perhaps take stock of where you are on your faith journey.

Together with attending the Offices with the Sisters, you will usually be asked to help out in the day-to-day chores, for instance: vacuuming the floors, helping with the washing up or perhaps helping in the garden (where there’s always something to do!). This experience tends to be for a short period of maybe two or three weeks.

In the longer term, the Convent also has a place for those who are on sabbatical and who may need a bit of space and quiet to study, read or rest. This space is also available for you if you need somewhere to complete a thesis or to pursue your studies.

For those who are considering a vocation, perhaps to the religious life or to some other calling, the chance to be in a place that is quiet, prayerful and where the pace of life is slower, may give you the space and time to explore where God may be calling you. There will always be opportunities to chat
with a Sister about your faith journey.

If you are a young person considering a gap year, the Convent may allow you to acquire a different perspective on the meaning of life. Again it may be a place for reflection, for learning or just for experiencing a different way of living.

Whatever the reason, if you feel that living alongside may be for you, please write to the Assistant Provincial at the main Convent address.

Alongsiders Leaflet (PDF)