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Community of the Holy Name

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Convent of the Holy Name

Registered Charity No. 250256

Our Daily Life

The structure of our day keeps Worship and Prayer at the heart of our life and is enriched and varied through a balance of...

Silence, Study, Solitude, Intercession, Fellowship, Manual Work, Hospitality, Outreach


A Typical Day at the Convent

07:45 Prime
08:00 Eucharist
09:15 Mattins (silence ends after Mattins)
09:30 Morning work
12:45 Midday office
13:00 Dinner
14:00 Afternoon work, etc.
17:00 Vespers
18:30 Supper
21:00 Silence begins
21:15 Compline

We seek to keep this balance and variety wherever we live and work though the emphasis will vary for individual sisters and particularly in branch houses where there is more flexibility and interaction with the local community. Silence is used creatively throughout the day while working, and at meals.